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May 21st, 2022 Armor of God

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May 21 2022


All Day




4V Ranch
373 Holder Road, Clever, MO 65631
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3 thoughts on “May 21st, 2022 Armor of God

  1. Is there a way I could cone visit you and learn more about what you do?
    Since my teenaged years, I’ve had a vision and heart for a place for battered women. As years went on, God fleshed out the Vision, now named Second Wind. I see like a transition home to train women for three to six months on Biblically based life skills. As their minds are transformed to experience God’s Presence on a daily basis by building intimacy through His Word and “talking to Him” i.e. “prayer”, I see teaching how to run a home and properly clean it; learn to resource ways of education to fulfill their God-called destiny; how to plan a meal and cook it; gardening; pet care. I’m sure you see the picture. I find most abused women return to their abuser due to lack of money and resources to truly form a new life.
    My biggest vision is locating it ON a …horse ranch! I’ve seen the healing power of horses, but I would not be over that part of the training as I’m not trained in it. That would be someone else’s part of what I see would be a TEAM of people working together to make this a reality.
    This is such a needed ministry at any level. Springfield, Mo. has ONE transitional living facility!! ONE!
    I can share further on a sit down. There are many facets and I need educating myself. I’ve had life experience and now even more for I myself at 71 sit in a Women’s crisis center after a 20 month marriage to a controlling abuser! Now, I see it from the inside! No part of life is wasted!
    Laine Nicely
    “To be a praise to HIS glory”…my purpose.

    1. Laine,

      Thank you for reaching out to me. I am hopeful that God is healing you while being in the crisis center. He is a good God and a healer. Sometimes as women we get confused about the definition of what love is. we make up our own defintion of what love is to justify how we feel about ourselves. The enemy is good at twisting lies. God can use our challenges to make good of them.
      We would love it if you could make one of the retreats. We have openings for our June 25th event. Would you be able to make that retreat? If so, sign up through the website. If you are unable to pay the $89.00 right now, I can find someone who could pay for it right now. We just ask that when you get back on your feet, that you pay that same thing forward to another women in need.
      In the mean time, have hope, God can do amazing things with one small seed of Hope,

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