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Nov-10-12-23 The King’s Royal Ball

Your are cordially invited to the “Kings Royal Ball

The Royal Ball is the 3rd consecutive hosted by 4V Ranch.  In the Armor of God retreat you gained spiritual strength.  Juicy Fruit, panning for hidden treasures purpose was to grow your spiritual maturity.  The Kings Royal Ball, is about receiving your dowry of Spiritual Power!

There’s no horse this time, only you and the Lord will have this retreat.  The retreat is set up for you to have an extended period of time together.  When Jesus needed to be with God, he went alone up the mountain and no one was able to come with him.  From that place is where Jesus models for us that our spiritual power comes from spending time with God alone.

This is where your dowry comes from!

See you there beloved,



Nov 10 - 12 2023


All Day




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