Where women of God
come to refuel.


Are you tired and worn down?

You handle the important stuff: taking care of family, managing the household, running successful businesses, spending QT with your friends, and don't forget church!

It feels like you barely have the capacity to get it all done. And you can forget about self-care. (Who has the time to take a relaxing bath these days?)

The chaos and uncertainty we face today has only compounded the stress and strain we feel.

So, where does a woman who loves God with her whole heart go to restore her soul? Where can she find time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to sit and the Father's feet and commune with Him.

Enter a retreat designed to help you thrive

Refueling Warrior retreats are designed to equip and empower women of God to be all they can be and draw closer in relationship with the Father.

It can be difficult to find a week (or even an entire weekend!) where you can break away to focus on yourself. But taking time to focus on your relationship with Christ is fundamental to fulfilling "all the things" you have to do and strengthening your relationship with those around you. The Refueling Warriors retreats are designed to take you where you are now and move you forward—both spiritually and emotionally.

Why do you use horses in the retreat? (And will I have to ride one?)

We use horses in every retreat. Equine-assisted learning is a proven and innovative way to help you discover truths about yourself you were previously blind to.

Horses are sentient creatures. They respond to about 10 percent of what you say. The rest comes from the non-verbal cues you give them. Horses respond to your non-verbals honestly. Their reaction to you gives you a chance to step back and reflect on how your family and friends may be responding to you and think about what the root cause may be.

Through guided activities, horses can help us shine a spotlight on those areas that need repair. And often the Holy Spirit will use these moments to speak to you and open your eyes to things you may not be aware of about yourself.

During our time together, we will not ride the horses. All your work will be "floor work." You'll buddy up with a horse and work with them in an indoor arena where you'll guide them through different exercises. This will allow the group an opportunity to interact with each other as we go through the day together.


What does a Refueling Warrior retreat look like?

The Refueling Warriors retreats are one-day events that consist of up to eight women. The group's small size promotes intimacy and safety; this setting allows the feminine heart to be open and released.

Your day actually begins prior to your arrival at the ranch. To get the most out of your retreat, you'll be given a bit of reading and studying to help prepare your heart and mind for the day's activities. (But don't worry; there's not a pop quiz or essay in sight!) We want everyone to be on the same page as the day begins.

The retreat starts around 9:00 in the morning with a light breakfast (pastries, fruit, and coffee) and registration. We'll review the "Warrior Ground Rules" to help establish our safe space and sign the wavers so we can work with the horses. We'll follow that with a quick overview of the day and pray together. Our first activity is usually with the horses, followed by discussion. We'll break for a delightful catered lunch with a brief time to relax and chat. After lunch, we're back in the arena to work with the horses, followed by another discussion time. The afternoon concludes with an activity that centers around Scripture.

At the end of the retreat (usually around 5:00 pm), you'll walk away refueled, refreshed, and rejuvenated. You'll feel energized to meet the demands of life and able to find the beauty of each day again.


What kind of retreats do you offer?

Refueling Warriors is comprised of three retreats as well as individual coaching.

Our retreats are different in that they build on what you've learned in the previous retreat. It is essential you attend the retreats in order: Armor of God, Juicy Fruit, then King's Royal Ball.

You will not be able to participate in these retreats out of order.

Individual coaching is available to those who would like to take this mentorship on a deeper level and have participated in at least the Armor of God retreat.

We look forward to you joining us soon!

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